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KickDownGTA's Mod Pack
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KickDownGTA's Mod Pack

This pack has everything that KDG has in game. If you need help just contact me and with help. Hope you enjoy!!!


  • Guest
    2015-08-28 18:22
    Just another example of a 9 year old sitting at his computer stealing mods. Looks like someone cant get a life. Maybe get your finger out of your ass and stop stealing mods you 9 year old prick!
  • Mods1582
    2015-08-28 18:37
    I'm not 9. I was a supervisor in KickdownGTA. So I did not steal them, they gave them to me and I released them. P.S they don't have copy right......
  • Guest
    2015-08-28 19:30
    But are you allowed to release them? Man I'm 20 and I know mature 9 year olds then you.
  • Name
    2015-08-28 22:22
    you were kicked for a reason
  • Name
    2015-08-28 22:25
    btw these are not all the mods these are a virus
  • Billy
    2015-08-28 22:27
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEY HAVE VIRUS and are stolen...
  • Jimmy
    2015-08-28 23:34
    your a jackass they are stolen and like other people said they have viruses i ran a security check and it shows VIRUS.
  • Mods1582
    2015-08-29 05:23
    Blame KDG then. I got those right out on the link they sent me. So thanks BBBIIITTTCCCHHH
  • Hawk28
    2015-08-29 20:59
    Bryan1582 you released KDG mods wow im glad i left now
  • Guest
    2015-08-31 16:32
  • Lone star modding
    2015-10-14 06:32
    Actually, Bryan, nor any current employee from kick down gta developed these mods,Actuall authorshttps://www.facebook.com/lonestarmodding?hc_location=ufiMyself Lone Star Modding, and Tackelberry, PS bryan PM me on the page if your interested in MP this weekend
  • Lone star modding
    2015-10-14 06:34
    Also if it wasn't for me the KDG mods would never of been the way they are, and now they are starting to fail at my job -- Bull Hauler
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