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Hobbs Farm v3
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Hobbs Farm v3

Hi welcome to Hobbs Farm V3

Hobbs farm is designed around big kit and industrial sized farming fourteen large fields  and two farms, one for arable one for livestock, which includes Calf and Pig fattening

In V3 there is an entirely re designed Farm with 2 loading areas and 2 unloading areas  for the 4 main grain types plus additional storage for potatoes sugarbeet, grass, chaff, straw, forage and feed.

You can also manually load all products in the new grain shed.

The store has been replaced as has the garden centre. There is now a scrap yard where you can sell your unwanted equipment.

The theme was always industrial and I think the farm now matches that.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Map by Lobezno Edit By Hobgoblin Log errors corrected by Keith with thanks to Mater for showing me the basics of map editing and all others who offered encouragement and ideas.
The map was play tested by a great team of guys. Massive thanks to:
Mark Steeves, Charlie Kay, Adam Lewis, Jeramy Brun, Ben Phil Lambert, Kenny Z-Kendog McCollough, Matt Hersh, Thomas H Junker, Hette Kloosterman, Todd Gaffney, Patrick VH, Terry Sutton, Kraft Farms, Lee Haymonds and everyone else in the Hobbs Farm Facebook Group Apologies if I missed anyone
(seriously there were so many people who helped I know I have missed some great people but I still hugely appreciated your help)

  • Dakota
    2015-11-06 16:05
    were did you get that western star
  • Bob ( wires )
    2015-11-07 09:58
    I am finding that the "wool" pallet collector is not working, I can get one pallet to get filled, om the pad, then it should move onto the collector, This step does not happen....( no lights on the controller.) no function....Bob.
  • Strokerace
    2015-11-07 12:49
    nice looking western star that paint scheme is awesome
  • Strokerace
    2015-11-07 13:00
    Dakota and Thomas go to the search box and type western star and the truck he have on this farm can be downloaded on here
  • Hobgoblin
    2015-11-07 22:30
    The western star was sent to me by a friend I did make the hood Black instead of green :)Bob I will look into the woolpallet issue and try to fix it thanks for pointing it out.I am planning to add digital readouts for the grass chaff etc so hopefully I ca release a fixed version soon with the additional digital readouts too.
  • Pijko
    2015-11-08 03:38
    Why are the milkcows and sheep supposed to go withouth water? In previous versioins they had fillable waterthroghs, now the are gone??
  • Ben


    2015-11-08 07:59
    to add digital readouts for the grass chaff etcYes sir Hob, you`re the man !Thanks
  • Scot
    2015-11-08 18:49
    how do you open the doors to get the equipment out
  • Hobgoblin
    2015-11-12 03:23
    The water mod was causing an error so it was removed sorry. That said the cows and Sheep are now just as in the standard game.The doors require animation map trigger mod to work.The wool pallet collector is fixed and a V3.2 will be coming out in the next 2 or 3 daysThis will also include digital readouts for the silage, chaff, woodchips, straw, forage and grass
  • Hobgoblin
    2015-11-12 03:25
    There will be a couple of other small updates to improve performance in 3.2 but nothing that should upset your current games. You will need to rename the zip to the same as the current zip to continue old saves with the new update.
  • Kris
    2015-11-13 09:01
    There would also be a place of unloading have to come in basis. where you can unload wood chips. Now you must driving to the other side of the map .
  • Ben


    2015-11-14 00:29
    Good news if we can continue our save game.
  • John
    2015-11-15 10:28
    please add cotton
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