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15 Meter Fiegl TimberKipper V2
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15 Meter Fiegl TimberKipper V2

I Was Wanting A Trailer More Realistic Lenth Trailer like Pulled here In The US And 12m 39ft Was Just A Little Short Of The 45 48 & 53ft Standard In US And Also Wanted to be able to haul Longer logs.Longer logs means less to pick up So I Desided To Mod The 12meter Timber Kipper To work It is Now 15meters 49.2Ft Long And Can easley take 20+ meter logs. This Trailer Also Still Has Its Full Tipper Fuctions So Off Loading Is Easy I Have Repositioned All Stakes So There Plenty of room to off load with loader if needed. In my pictures you will see one picture of a log just to rear of trailer thats a 15 meter cut log the rest of logs are cut to 20 meters Well Here It Is Thats The Way We Haul Logs Here Hanging Off Back of trailer With A Flashing light Or Just A Orange Safety flag hanging to longest log.
V2 Repaired Right Stakes
Fixed The Right Side Stakes Not Showing Up Not Sure What Happened My Copy Done Samething All The Sudden The Only Thing I Can Figure Is Patch 1.3 Did this Its The Only Thing That Could Exsplain Both Downloaded Version And Mine Doing Samething Here It Is.

Unknown To Main Trailer build but great mod To Start with
Thunderhawk09 Trailer length mod from 12m to 15m

  • Thawk09
    2015-05-09 03:38
    thatnks Thomas for photo's I was in a hurry to list the v2 and only had one pic left but it was my computer not the screenshots folder of farming sim and it really changed the Quality of pic
  • Thawk09
    2015-05-09 03:41
  • Blg


    2015-05-09 12:23
    c'est du bon matos mais est il possible de voir un jour des remorques automatiques pour le chargement du bois comme on peut le faire avec les balles bonne question
  • Ezp


    2015-05-10 00:08
    I was sad when I bought the first one and saw the stakes. Looking good now. Thanks for the fixes!!
  • Thawk09
    2015-05-16 05:42
    BLG wrote: this is good stuff but is it possible that one day automatic trailers for loading the wood as it can be done with the balesgood questionWell I'm Not Working On A Autoload Script Because I'm About The Realism Of The Equipment And That Is Way Outside The Realistic's loading logs so that will be someone else doing a mod like that
  • Thawk09
    2015-05-16 05:45
    As For The Bales Autoloading That Could Be Considered As Having A few Hired Workers On Ground Loading the Bales that I can live with
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