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16x Big bga mais v1
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16x Big bga mais v1

This map 16 times larger owns a bga for corn silage.

Les mappeurs (team)

  • Chuck
    2015-09-14 14:41
    Why? Why can't the download be modhub or fs-uk.
  • Bob (wirers)
    2015-09-16 16:03
    This map is very different, one Very, Very large map area, planted with Corn (maize). It is a large square, with the Bga complex in the center, and Corn planted all the way around it. As far as the eye cab see, Map has no Field outlines, Trees, Roads, Just Corn. I have harvested 2,400,000 units so far and I have not made a dent in the Planted area. Mods supplied are great, work like a charm. I would rate a 6 or 7. Bob.
  • Linard saber
    2015-10-17 21:05
    yea how do that with the combines and the truck? iwuld like to know?
  • Linard saber
    2015-10-17 21:06
    nice map modhub.us
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