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1966 Chevrolet c10 Offroad v1.0
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1966 Chevrolet c10 Offroad v1.0

cummins powered 1966 chevrolet c10


  • Sniper.cm29
    2016-02-15 23:40
    "cummins powered" 1966 Chevrolet C10. cummins is a dodge motor not a Chevrolet. the truck look good but still needs work done to it
  • Thebman
    2016-02-16 00:16
    Bman edition on the way!
  • Me
    2016-02-16 01:23
    "sniper.cm29" it clearly says cummins powered people do put (dodge) motors in other vehicles . feel free to upload your version if you can do better .
  • Gord
    2016-02-16 01:44
    Sniper.cm29Cummins is a company all of it's own. You can buy a cummins motor and put it in whatever you please. Toyota trucks are coming out with a cummins option. It has all sorts of applications. Google it. http://cumminsengines.com/
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