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1966 Custom Chevy 4x4 v1.1
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1966 Custom Chevy 4x4 v1.1

Colour selectable
Wheel colour matches body
Animated farmer
Animated parts (doors, windows, engine, tailgate)
Removable wooden racks
2700 capacity
Wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarBeet, silage, woodChips
Lock objects in truck bed
Lights function
Wheel tracks / Dust
Gets dirty / Washable
Trailer hitch
Four wheel drive
120 km/h
$15,750 / $20
No log errors

Version 1.0 Changes:
-added off road tires
-changed to four wheel drive
-suspension and vehicle performance changes
-minor cosmetic changes
-new store pic

Please leave any comments and/or seek support only at the ModHosters.de release page in the 'Comments' section.
Please include this entire docement, in unedited form, in any re-posting of this mod to other sites.
Please be sure to include all of the credits above if you modify any of the files in this zip and re-post.
Commercial use of any file or part thereof is strictly prohibited.

1-Place the Custom66ChevC10.zip in 'your/MyDocuments/MyGames/FarmingSimulator2015/mods' folder.
2-If this is your first mod download...when in-game, go to/open the equipment store and use the upper arrows to navigate to the Mods section of the store.

Turn10 (DriverSF), Modall------Author/Autor 3d-Model
Modall-------------------------Conversion and Ingame FS2015 / Konvertierung und Ingame LS2015
Giants-------------------------Wheels, tires

  • Bryan
    2015-06-26 23:06
    great truck
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