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1972 FORD V1.3
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1972 FORD V1.3

added 4 wheel drive
added difflock if using zzz_driveControle by upsidedown

Original Mod by TorqueWrench1
Edited by CATFISH_JOHN1979,Trucker429
Wheels by Giants off of atv retextured by Farmerboy69
Converted by CHERV2015

Not my Mod

  • Name
    2015-01-27 06:17
    this is better, but did you ever get permission from the original modder to upload this this time?
  • Chad
    2015-01-27 06:51
    Could of at least textured the lights and now the axles don't even line up with hubs.
  • Ben_32
    2015-01-31 00:00
    Nice truck! It would be nice to have a lot better interior.
  • Guest
    2015-02-03 00:37
    Love this truck!! Thanks to all who took the time to make this!
  • Shane
    2015-02-15 05:30
    this mod is good. very realistic engine sound. i like it. the only thing is if ur pulling a trailer and get up to speed, it will get outta control fast. i do like the mod...good job. I wish someone could make a chevy silverado 4 x 4 diesel, big tires, fifth wheel, that doesnt feel like ur driving on ice.
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