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1984 Chevy 1 ton v1.0
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1984 Chevy 1 ton v1.0

Im back guys! i made this 1984 1ton Chevy. i took the 70's chevy truck and i changed the body style and the head lights. i lifted it with visible suspention. hope you guys like it :) this is my second mod/Edit.


  • Anthony
    2016-10-19 02:41
    looks good i have the low version it kinda sucked since all the trailers attach points are higher then what was on there but any who you know damn right trucks like these are not to be low riders thank you for making a proper version :D
  • Guest
    2016-10-19 02:56
    i have the lowered one as well .only good with gooseneck trailers but is agreat truck for running around the map in a hurry.is a great mod so this one should be right there with it
  • Cb enterprise
    2016-10-19 05:45
    This is just another stolen AETF stolen mod
  • Stolen!!!
    2016-10-21 17:40
    I agree i have this truck and i could only get it off of ATF's forum that you need to make an account for so dont upload it!!
  • Farmsim2418
    2016-12-15 01:26
    what map are you showing that truck in?
  • @stolen!!!!
    2016-12-31 21:14
    No one cares if it was from AETF big fucking deal!
  • Chevy4life
    2017-02-21 17:53
    this is the ohio map @FARMSIM2418
  • Austin
    2017-02-24 05:16
    I have an xbox 360 how do I put it on to my farming sim 15
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