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1984 Chevy 30 Series 6.5 Diesel v1
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1984 Chevy 30 Series 6.5 Diesel v1

I found this mod Through A friend It was blue And Set Standard Height with Steel wheel And Crome Wheel Simulators
 I love That Body style Chevy truck And that got my wheels turning I turned it into a 6.5 Diesel And Basiclly Put A 6" Front 8" Rear Drop kit on it so to speak. I done a Aluminuim Wheel conversion. Made it in two differant colors White & Black Thats The Only Two right now
The Tubing out in bed was more less to be a fifth wheel build up plate for goose neck trailers but can be considered as being tubed out for rear two clear that is the thinking when I had to come up with it to make fifth wheel be at right height for trailer
ok A breakdown On Whats been done 
1 Dropped body
2 added high beam headlights
3 Aluminuim wheels conversion
4 made it into a 6.5L Diesel
5 tubed bed
6 changed color
Thats About it I Love these Two And Just Thought I would share Because there seems to be way to much 4x4 nuts out here And Not enought Low Riders so here's one       
I use to transport cars and we had late 90's chevy dually's done just like this and pulled trailers Just like the one pictured
And FYI Before someone ask's the trailer is one I found And I am still finishing it as of right now


  • Netw3rkd
    2016-04-13 15:38
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    thanks dude. I like your description too. Nice to see some good diesel power chevy's. Will give 'er a run.
  • Kid


    2016-04-14 03:56
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    This doesn't have the proper credits so I suggest you add them or I will tell the true owner who isn't you
  • Thawk09
    2016-04-14 04:17
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    Go fly I Kite In A Thunder Storm Kid I gave the credits that was posted on site I got it from If you don't Like It You Cry baby Kiss My Ass
  • @kid
    2016-04-14 07:06
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    LOL, what is he going to do? "O I'm telling on you because you improved someone else's mod that is in the public domain!" Haha good luck doing anything about it idiot!
  • Iplay
    2016-04-15 03:08
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    helleo that truck looks horrible slamed, then you went and stole a mod from a website that was impoving because it needed it
  • Thawk09
    2016-04-15 04:30
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    All I will Say Is Boo Hoo Iplay
  • Larry
    2016-04-16 22:53
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    and it aint a semi trailer dipshit its a gooseneck @THAWK09
  • Thawk09
    2016-04-17 02:06
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    Go Play With Yourself LARRY MY GD Keyboard Battery Was Low I done good geeting That Your POS
  • Kp


    2016-04-20 07:47
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    I think it should be lifted. Like another inch or two so it doesn't look like it will hit the fender.
  • Kyfarmer
    2016-05-01 00:38
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    I have used this truck it seems good, only thing I don't like is the drop kit, I rather have the stock suspension level, I would remove the drop kit if my damn pc would let me load GE
  • 123


    2016-05-01 16:00
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    You should not only give credit but ask the previous modder if you can edit and then release his mod. Otherwise its deemed as stealing.
  • Preston
    2016-06-24 23:03
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    Where is the fuel trigger, neither truck will refuel
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