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1984 Chevy (madmax) v1.0
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1984 Chevy (madmax) v1.0

Its modled like the one i have in real life

Jj John

  • Jj


    2016-07-05 02:50
    IM just adding these so there are no issuesfull credits listJJ johncamino kidATF modding
  • Zzzzz
    2016-07-05 22:24
    sweet old square body Chevy, I like to see these old trucks in FS15, im grabbing this one for sure, I have 2 trailers in FS15 that this one will look awesome with.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-07-10 23:30
    so after testing this truck out ingame for a few days now I noticed a few things that need to be fixed, they are the steering, the wheels turn too sharp & bind into the fenders & pop through the fenders, the 2nd thing this truck could use is a load lock on the bed (I think I can do this) & last but not least this truck needs a heavy duty grille guard (Ranch Hand front end) & a set of exhaust stacks toolbox/fuel tank combo on the bed.
  • Hayden modisette
    2016-07-29 21:10
    this pickup was made for me it is like the one i have on the ranch in eastern newmexico
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