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1994 Chevy 3500 plow truck V1
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1994 Chevy 3500 plow truck V1

A 1994 plow truck
Horspower: 600
Price: 15,530

Aj nugent

  • Gest
    2016-03-25 14:10
    Hmm and people still can't figure out why a lot of mods have went private, this is exactly why...
  • Name
    2016-03-25 16:17
    Nice piece of shit punk
  • Matthew juhl
    2016-03-25 17:30
    this mod doesnt show up in game why
  • Tannerr
    2016-03-25 17:55
    If your going to butcher king mercs stuff at least make it work
  • Lol


    2016-03-25 21:53
  • Slim9380
    2016-03-25 22:23
    it works for me just wanted the plow for it
  • Sl


    2016-03-28 05:03
    Tdog55 your a fucking piece of shit you are the reason feenix wont release anything cause you released them fire trucks and featherville and you claim someone hacked you. Your just a low life piece of shit who cant mod and gets enjoyment off butchering other peoples mods. Have a shitty you low life muslim!
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