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1994 Chevy K3500 Dually V1.0
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1994 Chevy K3500 Dually V1.0

Rework of an original mod by AJ Nugent and Punka Dylan. Modified by BasicStencer
Removed the broken plow mount, adjusted the lights accordingly.
Adjusted power levels to represent a mildly modified diesel Chevy 3500.
Opening hood with detailed engine bay
Opening tailgate
Has a standard hitch and a fifth wheel plate in the bed.
Look for more in the future!

AJ Nugent
Punka Dylan

  • Amstrad
    2016-07-04 10:45 Send message
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    I'm pretty sure this is king merc's mod... you didn't even remove the licence plate...
  • Guest
    2016-07-04 15:41 Send message
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    This did originate from kingmerc, and people wonder why he left the community, this is exactly why...
  • King merc eats cock
    2016-07-04 18:33 Send message
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    If king dork left the community, the community is better for it.
  • Johnv
    2016-07-04 23:46 Send message
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    warnings error's and call stacks no thanks
  • Zzzzz
    2016-07-05 03:03 Send message
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    sweet edit, glad to see the plow mount gone never cared for it since it was a busted mount anyways.
  • No one
    2016-07-05 03:57 Send message
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    trash has lots of errors
  • Blame eric
    2016-07-08 01:49 Send message
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    BLAME ERIC AKA FUCTD MODDING, HE and his group are doing this to everyone
  • Tank182
    2017-07-19 08:32 Send message
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    Can you put it on fs 17 please
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