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1998 Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton v2
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1998 Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton v2

Great quality mod, pulls great, suspension works realistically

BNB Modding, UNKOWN Modding

  • Wtf?
    2016-05-24 00:37
    "Great quality mod"?!?!? Are you drunk? High? Retarded? Or all 3? What a piece of shit this is. This is not anywhere near a great quality mod, hell its not even good, wouldnt even qualify as poor. It only qualifies as a mod because its in game. Its a great quality piece shit. Reaterds like you should not be allowed to make anything. Just quit already.
  • Wtf?
    2016-05-24 00:38
    Now, lets see how long before someone tries to be a grammar Nazi and say something about my typo. LMAO!
  • Bnbunkown
    2016-05-24 00:43
    Think I give a shit what you think? Ha! Nope!
  • Lamericain
    2016-05-24 12:03
    good job
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