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1999 Peterbilt 379 v1.1
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1999 Peterbilt 379 v1.1

This is my edit of a Peterbilt and it is based off of a real truck. my only rule, NO BUTCHERING, If anyone does, I am not going to upload again until an apology has been said. Thanks, - Joe

Joe G.

Seriousmods for the original truck

If I forgot anyone, Im sorry

  • Omg


    2016-06-04 09:23
    the mod has errors o wait wrong mod HAhahaha
  • Wow


    2016-06-04 09:33
    HOLLY shit joe released a mod.....i be a wet chicken dick Wiesel
  • @ joe
    2016-06-04 12:31
    your shity mod dont show up in game FAG
  • Cool
    2016-06-04 13:31
    Works great thanks
  • Badass farmer
    2016-06-04 14:58
    What the hell does that video have to do with the truck, it's just f-ing useless as it has nothing to do with the Pete. Only idiots would post crap videos like that.
  • Joe


    2016-06-04 16:58
    I didn't post the video. If you actually looked you would find it. Who is "WOW"?
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-06-04 20:13
    You say don't edit maybe we wouldn't have to if this truck was actually built right its a giant piece of shit has tons of parts on it that the invisibility box has been unchecked. Face it you took some ones else mod and chewed it up and spat it out. Then you want an apology if some one edits it go fuck your self build a mod the right way.
  • Joe


    2016-06-04 20:35
    That attitude right there is why nobodys gonna get the DB soon. your lucky the Kinze still is getting released. Have a good day! Im sure that you would still complain if every mod In fs was out. Goodbye mr. Keyboard warrior! Hope your day is horrible.
  • @joe
    2016-06-04 22:21
    Actually, Joe, nobody gives a fuck if you ever release anything. Your mods tend to have a lot of errors or physics issues, so we can only imagine what a piece of shit your kinze or DB is. Fuck off, Joe, your attitude has always sucked and your mods don't make up for it.
  • Joe


    2016-06-04 22:26
    Wait... what Joe do you think I am...
  • Horrible mod
    2016-06-04 23:02
    Next time, keep your garbage mods private, I'd be embarrassed to be associated with this mod. What an epic pile of shit, top to bottom... Learn to mod before you start uploading shit like this
  • To joe
    2016-06-04 23:24
    To Joe, whoever you may actually be, There is a proper DB90 in the works for public release, with plans for a whole DB lineup, for release. I'm not talking about more reskined Kinze's either. Proper DB's. So go ahead and keep yours. No one cares. Soon enough there will be some good ones out.
  • To
    2016-06-04 23:46
    Whoever you are...I am on the team making the DBs... Dont think Im an idiot as I am also helping on making a Kinze grain cart lineup that I bet you will download...
  • ^^^


    2016-06-05 00:54
    Don't help anyone, you suck at modding and those mods are going to be shitty beyond belief. Keep your shitty DB and kinze crap private, the rest of us are sick of the shitty quality. Not even joking.
  • Jim


    2016-06-05 01:39
  • ^^^^^^
    2016-06-05 01:43
    I agree with Jim. People need a serious life. They need a job and get off SSI and quit trolling a damn farming game. Lmao
  • Lorisia
    2016-06-05 01:46
    Yes I agree with Jim too. This game wasn't intended for Americans.
  • Joe


    2016-06-05 02:47
    Go to NAFEM modding on FB for pics of the kinze and my profile *Joe Gonzalez for pics of the db and misc. And by the way "JIM" *Americans Suck ass, not AMERICANS SUCKS ASS
  • Insert name
    2016-06-05 02:53
    jim macintosh is a douche bag faggot muncher who was born from his mothers arsehole and eats her shit for breakfast
  • Guest
    2016-06-05 03:03
    @ lorisia......go fuck yourself. this game can be played by anyone who wants to play it american or otherwise. although should be kept from stupid asshats like yourself
  • Guest
    2016-06-05 03:24
    AMEN Brutha.cool edit
  • Cristina
    2016-06-05 03:31
    Hey girls what you shouting at now, its amazing that its always men acting like little kiddies about a mod who cares who did what its a game to enjoy, joe gets it rough so does others but why its a modsite ffs theres 4yr olds better behaved than you grow up and respect others as you dont here us ladies having a shout out with mods
  • No butchering
    2016-06-05 03:53
    I like how the guy who uploaded this masterpiece of shit says "NO BUTCHERING" in caps, but that's exactly what he did with this mod, butchered it. And Cristina, do you need a slap on the ass to get you back in the kitchen and make me a sammich?
  • Joe


    2016-06-05 04:48
    god you are just a sexist pig
  • @joe
    2016-06-05 07:26
    and you're a shitty modder
  • Lmfao
    2016-06-05 10:40
    DAM getting mad over a freaking mod holy shit are we still in 2 grade my two year old son acts better then some of y'all kids..if u dont like the mod why cry over it go fix it...i never in my life time seen so many cry babies
  • Jim macintosh
    2016-06-05 13:02
    As i was appointed lastnite by a old friend i keep getting blamed for this and that well guys for your knowledge i have not looked or seen and intrest in the fs life for months so before you go mouthing off like a 2yr old you need the proof which in this case your wrong
  • Jim macintosh
    2016-06-05 13:17
    Plus for your info i love Americans as i have relatives in the States, God you all need to GROW UP , NO wonder people go private
  • Guest
    2016-06-05 16:39
    and the dick sucker himself speaks out. but if you've been away from FS what the hell are you doing here now you douche bag nut sucking sack licking closet hiding asshat liar???
  • Julie
    2016-06-05 17:05
    And the kid above still argues its a game give it a rest all this site is becoming is a site full of your useless comments us real people have respect wheres yours
  • Hello
    2016-06-06 05:03
    to all you cry babies .. u cry over a fucking mod hell are you going to cry cuz your girlfriend wont give u no pussy
  • Lol


    2016-06-07 00:37
    Comment of the year award goes to....
  • Kp


    2016-06-09 00:30
    For one, IDK why It doesn't show in my game. 2, Is Giant not american?
  • Dieselhead
    2016-06-17 06:57
    it doesn't show up in the ingame store.everything seems in order in the file but it just doesn't show up. pretty frustrated.
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