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2006 F650  V1
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2006 F650 V1

F650 by brown modding, This is what you get for sending your mods out to people.

Brown Modding

  • Name
    2016-05-31 09:38
  • Redneck6031
    2016-05-31 18:41
    really jackass y did you put this truck not locked on mod hub
  • Unknown
    2016-05-31 21:03
    Don't download, its fake and locks you pc up with some hacking program.
  • Unknown
    2016-05-31 21:05
    Don't download, its fake and locks your pc up with some hacking program.
  • Offspring gaming
    2016-05-31 21:39
    take this down
  • Jeff 22
    2016-05-31 22:51
    why do yall hate thats why none the mods get released
  • Vandy
    2016-05-31 23:09
    take this it does not belong to u!!!!!!
  • Ftm


    2016-05-31 23:11
    Well there goes another modding group. People should stop releasing other peoples work. Be fore we know it there will be no mods left.
  • Unknown
    2016-05-31 23:35
    take this down offspring and them have worked good on these now take the f....ing thing down because this is why they won't release the mods.
  • Bob
    2016-05-31 23:46
    why did u steal this mod
  • Bob
    2016-05-31 23:47
  • Cameron griffin
    2016-06-01 00:13
    Its not your truck u didn't pay for it its not your model and it wasn't even realesed yet on offspring gaming and I thought we supposed to be a community for farm sim and those models are not cheap and he is super upset and he think he is letting us down and he is not and I don't like u taking credit for it I love having nice mods and using them but taking someones elses mod that compelety disrpect and bullshit
  • Whatever
    2016-06-01 01:28
    If its like any other Offspring mods I've used or seen, its shit anyway. I dont understand why these modders just settle for mediocre, and dont try to make good stuff. I have seen mods that are as good or better than what Giants puts out, and then there is 6 year old with a coloring book shit like this.
  • Guest
    2016-06-01 16:35
    This is why I don't give out my cool personal stuff, once you do this is bound to happen...
  • Guest
    2016-06-01 20:37
    PUNKA Dylan uploaded it to his Private Facebook Group, which from there went in the wrong hands and uploaded it to Modhub.
  • Taylorv
    2016-06-01 22:31
    will the red truck ever be released????
  • Joe


    2016-06-02 00:54
    "Guest" has a point. this is why nobody is getting the db90. a bunch of immature kids not thinking before they do something and eventually nobody can handle it.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-06-05 23:16
    grow up folks its a stolen/hacked up mod but if ya don't like it don't download it then, yeah its got issues (interior not detailed the best & 2 steering wheels) but it can be fixed by skilled modders & it looks nothing like the one in the pic, but who cares I will fix this one up myself eventually for my own personal likings & fix the interior to be more detailed but not right way.
  • The dude
    2016-06-10 22:15
    take this down
  • Shawn flowers
    2018-08-31 00:58
    Hi Offspring I saw some of your mods on youtube I think you do a great job with your mods I m no modder any mods I get from here will be put to good use and to all the modders who tak time to build and put these mods here on modhub need to be given their rightful dues they do this for those of us that can t mod
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