Farming simulator 2019 mods
2008 chevy 3500 v1
2 7 2 955

2008 chevy 3500 v1

2008 Chevy silverado 3500 Dually
Color changable

I got wrong mirrors on truck. Truck will be updated soon.


  • James a hoe
    2016-10-11 00:56
    Nice Ford Tow Mirrors on there EH
  • James3112
    2016-10-11 01:52
    I clearly state that in description. Guess you lack the ability to read. EH
  • Peyton offcock
    2016-10-11 04:27
    I wished i have a ford wit Duwamac tow mers.
  • James3112
    2016-10-11 04:57
    Down Syndrome***** If you really have it you would know how to spell it. Second look at the name your using, Yea Forgive me for a little attitude. And Peyton, Nice spelling. Gotta love the immature little kids!
  • Cameron king
    2016-10-11 05:44
    Lol this is getting good and great job on the truck James!
  • James3112
    2016-10-11 08:06
    Cameron King. Thanks man. Yea shit gets old though. But you know how it is.
  • Warondar
    2016-10-11 17:57
    Nice looking truck.
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