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2008 Dodge 3500 wide stance v1.2
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2008 Dodge 3500 wide stance v1.2

2008 Dodge 3500 with 12v 6.7 wide stance 37x14x20 tires. clean log when I tested it V1.2

Jay_bo5 Modding
Lone Tree Ridge Farms

  • Jim


    2015-11-30 03:47
    Really nice edit of the 08 dodge but man... can you guys try to at least make a truck without any errors or warnings. Took me a whole 5min to get the errors fixed in this. Take your time when editing and make sure you double check your work and make sure everything has a path connecting back to your xml's so your log isn't filled a mile long.
  • Jay_bo5 moodding
    2015-11-30 16:12
    For the instore photo all my mods have that do to I use screen shots as they look the most crisp and clean. as for the error's with the engine I made that and have used it lots of time but this is the first time it has given an error if you want I explain why I did the engine like that for towing on hills.
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