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2008 Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler Repaired v1
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2008 Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler Repaired v1

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Brand new, well detailed model from Turbosquid, this is our first real model! Hope you like it!

I just fixed mass and repaired jack col so it works now  nothing other than repairs was made to this mod by me

BNB Modding, UNKOWN Modding
Thunderhawk09 Repaired jack COL & mass

  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-09 00:04
    freaking sweet camper, where can I by chance find the truck too (stock height not lowered) as I like to use it as a base model to make my own version of the Road kill ramp truck owned by Finnegan on roadkill.
  • Me


    2016-10-09 00:17
    you wasted money on this crap from Turbosquid. What are you a retard? There's no point in it.
  • Thawk09
    2016-10-09 06:43
    Yeah (ME) What's Wrong You Cant afford 6700 For Something to add more realism to the game what are you playing for then Stupid
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