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2015 Chevy 2500 v2
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2015 Chevy 2500 v2

Its my truck so keep it on Modhub!!! Rims, tires, and mirrors are from King Farms go subscribe to his channel: Youtube channel link

King Farms

  • Bobcatt650
    2016-08-11 10:38
    and go subscribe to my channel and help by donating to get more models https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbusGhI0dH4NXKkzgZ2pEqg
  • Guest
    2016-08-11 11:09
    Why the fuck is this POS 131MB? God damn, a pick up truck should not be that big. I'm betting the folder is filled with unneeded shit!. Not worth the download......oh and you know it will end up on every mod site.
  • Warondar
    2016-08-11 16:59
    I have to agree that 131Mb for a pick up truck seems very excessive. As much as I like Chevy trucks, I think I'll pass until the files are cleaned up. Looking very nice though.
  • Insert dick into mouth
    2016-08-11 17:02
    keep it on modhub.....haha.....you piece of shit
  • Bobcatt650
    2016-08-11 18:07
    y'll are all mad cause you can't mod
  • Lawlz!
    2016-08-11 22:12
    You added wheels and adstrips to a truck, you are such an awesome modder!
  • Lol this mod is poo
    2016-08-19 02:55
    This truck is a POS the model is good but it was made by shit ass modders and 13 year olds lol. And you say keep it on modhub like offspringgaming says same but people are still going to upload your shit everywere which they did so get used to it kid if you dont want it getting like that dont even release keeep them private. shitty self promotion adstrips of the vehicle loser no one cares about your youtube channel faggot and get subscribers by making good videos on a video sharing website
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