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2017 Ford F-450 Welding Rig v1
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2017 Ford F-450 Welding Rig v1

This is a 2017 Ford F-450 Platinum Edition. As an added bonus, this truck also has a welding bed and a gooseneck! This truck has a moderate lift kit, mud tires, and rockstar dually wheels, in a matte black finish. This truck is extremely capable offroad, and hauls ass!

MDBN Gaming, BNB Modding, Unkown Modding, Juhl Enterprises

  • Brown modding
    2016-03-30 03:56
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    That looks like absolute shit hahaha
  • Punisher
    2016-03-30 06:05
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    Holy crap, did you put enough tire shine on there? I agree, looks like shit.
  • @punisher
    2016-03-30 06:43
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    you think everything looks like shit...I don't think I've seen you like anything yet
  • Bananas mangos
    2016-04-01 04:24
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    you should quit editing good mods and claim there yours
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