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Roger Stanley V1
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Roger Stanley V1

GMC Flatbed Everyone should Enjoy, 

RHRS Modding

  • Levi
    2016-01-27 14:00 Send message
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    can you make it stock please
  • John
    2016-01-27 15:50 Send message
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    Full off error's
  • Kwcountry
    2016-01-27 19:30 Send message
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    Well for one thing this truck is a private mod. Shouldn't even be on here but I guess someone is on a power trip pissed at us in are little group. People amuse me now days.
  • Treeslayer
    2016-01-27 19:56 Send message
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  • Zzzzz
    2016-01-27 23:28 Send message
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    not a bad start on a mod (if its not a stolen one) but it sound like it is, perhaps somebody will do a V2 of this truck with the errors corrected & more detailed interior & an interior camera view, I have always had a soft spot for these late 80's early 90's GMC's.
  • Guest
    2016-01-28 00:35 Send message
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    Hmm, doesn't really surprise me that this is uploaded, having those stupid closed facebook groups are ridiculous anyway, kinda obvious worse things ever created are these so called groups and they are what is making the community the way it is, this kind of thing won't end.
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-01-28 00:57 Send message
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    if there is a v2 of this truck......no one on modhub will see it and YOU CAN BELIVE THAT!!!!!
  • Eng51ine
    2016-01-28 03:48 Send message
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    If its private, keep it to yourself. If you share it with just 1 person, its not private anymore.
  • Figures
    2016-01-28 04:54 Send message
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    You can tell its a private mod because its full of errors. Most of the "private" mods are crap, which I think is the real reason they dont want them released. I have seen so few with good textures or interiors, and usually buggy and make the whole screen shake when they move.
  • Me


    2016-01-28 18:59 Send message
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    i don't get that she is full of errors, she doesn't have any on my machine.
  • Xanders
    2016-01-28 23:05 Send message
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    good job on the the mod and the pople that don't like just don't get it it is that simple
  • Kevin enfinger
    2016-01-29 01:40 Send message
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    In reguards to your comment about v2 and mod hub not seeing it...... WANNA BET. V2 will be out soon
  • Jbanks
    2016-01-29 17:27 Send message
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    closed facebook pages are not nearly as stupid as a supermodder feeding his ego by showing off private mods and not shareing.
  • Jbanks
    2016-01-29 17:31 Send message
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    btw.. kudos to whoever made this truck...this comunity needs more mods such as this. great job
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