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JohnDeere 8370R and Degelman Silage Blade v1.0
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JohnDeere 8370R and Degelman Silage Blade v1.0

This mod is the JohnDeere 8370R and the 8R Degelman Silage Blade these were developed by the prick Travis Dietz, and Jeremiah Donnay of Corn Capitol Cocksuckers.
I give this treat to the community to understand 1 thing, mods are not meant to be private, so don't be stuckup assholes with your momma's dick stuck so far up your ass, you can taste it.

These were developed by the prick Travis Dietz, and Jeremiah Donnay of Corn Capitol Cocksuckers.

  • Rolf
    2016-02-14 14:50
    Well you are right that mods are meant to be in the community, but you should respect the work the modern has invested in this project and you flaming and foul language is not helping either. Give credits to their work and respect it and there will be more modes willing to share their effort, time and energy in form of mods fur all of us
  • Your a dumbass
    2016-02-14 16:17
    Look at me im a buthurt little bitch. Stupid fucks like you are the reason modders went private and will stay that way for awhile. Enjoy your crap mods.
  • Tractorman
    2016-02-14 16:51
    dude unless you made a mode start to finish you can not talk your the reson modders are stopping releaseing their mods cause kids like you just edit them and reupload them like you made them i hope you get aids and your mom dies
  • Smitty
    2016-02-14 19:35
    tractorman.....extreamly despicable and disgusting hate filled message i think you need to sort yourself out before judging this guy....to say get aids and hope your mom dies....c'mon below the belt is it not,what sort of human being say's that to another.
  • Tex57 mapping & modding
    2016-02-15 02:24
    Smitty he is right in one sense that releasing these mods are the reason that modders are stopping. And we can add AGO modding to the list modders that have quit because people have released them without permission.
  • Pkmodding
    2016-02-15 06:52
    To the person who shared this, You said and I quote "mods are not meant to be private". Are you completely retarded? YES, it would be great if all the modders actually cared about the community to release their amazing works, BUT the reality of it is, they don't, and don't have to. They put in hours and hours of work into making the model, texturing it, scripting it, testing it. Its up to them whether or not to release.
  • Jim


    2016-02-15 08:07
    LMAO love it. Keep them coming baby. Its like Christmas in Feb. Hell with what people say. People are like assholes....Everyone has one. And Fuck modders. Who needs them!!!
  • Dem87
    2016-02-15 08:31
    Travis Dietz is no longer part of Corn Capital Customs.
  • Smitty
    2016-02-15 13:25
    TEX57 MAPPING & MODDING...i dont dispute what he says at all,the guy that has released this is a twat....i understand the work that goes into them,but no need for that sort of hate save that for isis,its a mod for pitys sake.
  • Pkmodding
    2016-02-16 03:15
    Jim you stupid fuck, "And Fuck modders. Who needs them!!!" Does your tiny little brain not understand that if all modders and editors stopped modding completely, the FS community would be left with NOTHING extra for the game. You truly are a stupid fuck. Get a clue.
  • Piotrek
    2016-02-16 17:29
    Fajne naprawdÄ™!
  • Guest
    2016-02-16 23:19
    Look at the other comments and you'll see Why I don't release my mods
  • Off subject
    2016-02-17 04:19
    sooooo I cant get them to attach. help please
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