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Krampe 750 Multi HDR and Dyeable included V1.0
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Krampe 750 Multi HDR and Dyeable included V1.0

V1.0, no errors, 20.3mb zip for both versions.

Ahead of tomorrows Ringwoods 1.5 map update is this pair of Krampe 750's.

One version is dyeable and the other is a standard red HDR body texture with dyeable wheels. Both have standard 40k capacity, working Load covers, uprated brake force and rear hitch trailor_Low brackets to tow in tandem. Multiplayer Yes, Washable Yes. 35000 to buy and 35 daily cost's.

Fill types are:
Barley chaff maize potato rape silage sugarBeet wheat woodChips forage manure compost_soil barley_windrow wheat_windrow grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow.

Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Perfect08
    2015-04-02 18:08 Send message
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    Thankyou Stevie nice pack.
  • Guest
    2015-04-02 18:18 Send message
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    Nice Stevie,Ty
  • Guest
    2015-04-02 19:00 Send message
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    Guys I will re-bundle this later tonight with the 900 as the unloading particles were incorrect on the 750. They are fixed now.
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