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John Deere 9R Series v2.0.0.0
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John Deere 9R Series v2.0.0.0

Heres a mod i did as im always in the mood for a good tractor and now i hand it over too you

Power 560
Price 224995
DailyUpkeep 26
Lifetime 700

Haters going to hate

Aaron Dearth

  • Jack
    2017-05-04 23:41
    The window texture is jumping from dark to light, The mirrors are not workingThe texture from the front is disappear from time to time
  • @jack
    2017-05-05 03:28
    thats why he said Haters going to hate cuz he dont know how to mod
  • Truthbtold
    2017-05-05 04:19
    LOL ! Giants makes millions of dollars of this game and yet we still have bugs ! Leave the modders alone !
  • Donnie
    2017-05-20 11:47
    needs to make it washable dum ass
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