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John Deere 9R Series v2.0.0.0
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John Deere 9R Series v2.0.0.0

Heres a mod i did as im always in the mood for a good tractor and now i hand it over too you

Power 560
Price 224995
DailyUpkeep 26
Lifetime 700

Haters going to hate

Aaron Dearth

  • Jack
    2017-05-04 23:41
    The window texture is jumping from dark to light, The mirrors are not workingThe texture from the front is disappear from time to time
  • @jack
    2017-05-05 03:28
    thats why he said Haters going to hate cuz he dont know how to mod
  • Truthbtold
    2017-05-05 04:19
    LOL ! Giants makes millions of dollars of this game and yet we still have bugs ! Leave the modders alone !
  • @truthbtold
    2017-05-05 06:05
    Take a pill or post when you're not on the rag, bitch. If the mod has flaws, you post them here. It helps the guy who edited the mod fix the mod and it lets other people know what to expect when they download it.
  • Camels
    2017-05-05 19:19
    This is just a re upload of an old mod that you didn't make faggot.
  • Donnie
    2017-05-20 11:47
    needs to make it washable dum ass
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