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FDR Logging - LeTourneau v1.0
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FDR Logging - LeTourneau v1.0

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Introducing the new full functional LeTourneau
These machines are used all over the world and built to unload an entire logging truck's load in 1 grab. This  is the first version of this mod, I have tested it thoroughly and it works well and has no errors. I built this to work  specificly with the logs on my FDR Logging Maps, results may vary with trees from other maps so let me know if  you find any drastic issues. 

FDR Logging

  • Zorlac
    2016-01-25 14:15
    perso je prend pas...je sait pas a quoi je vais pouvoir l'utilisé...Tant de talent gâcher...
  • Nonnnus
    2016-01-25 15:45
    The idea is cool, but is to big, unrealistic. To unload wood trailers don´t need a machine with this size.
  • Doud
    2016-01-25 20:16
    Good job FDR. Zorlac il faut un permis special normal que tu puisses pas comprendre. Nonnnus is realistic look this : https://youtu.be/3Z3d_UldJuY
  • Howdy
    2016-01-25 20:39
    FDR LOGGING.. thats what im talking about nice work bud..know just nock the size down a little bit
  • Well then
    2016-01-26 02:40
    I dunno. Looking at pictures of that type of machine online, size looks pretty accurate.
  • Farmallf12
    2016-01-26 02:47
    NONNUS this is an actual machine and it is pretty accurate
  • Peterpiper
    2016-01-26 04:11
    Google search Letourneau Log Stacker and search images, this thing dwarfs log trucks in real life images. Letourneau last I knew built the worlds largest wheel loader as well.
  • Researchb$youopenyourmouth
    2016-01-26 04:46
    NONNUS You should research something before you open your mouth. Obviously you never worked in a Paper or Wood products Mill, they do exist and this is RL EQ. Good job!
  • Mike
    2016-01-26 04:49
    I tried this Mod it has an error, Other then the size of this mod which it is quite large which I don't really have an issue with, The problem I have is the Jaws of the wood grappler doesn't open, It moves up and down fine, but no matter how hard I tried to get it to open it wouldn't do so, So unfortunately I had to delete it. I hope it can be fixed it looks like it could be a useful mod for us whom work the wood.
  • Treeslayer
    2016-01-26 05:22
    for his maps you do. he has better logs than standard fs maps
  • Fdr


    2016-01-26 06:44
    hey guys just wanted to drop a line in here, yes the size is a bit larger then the one we use at our mill but i've driven around in the real thing and its pretty darn close to height in relation to trucks. I do recommend using my maps logs as that is what it was built for thanks for the support more cool stuff coming soon!
  • Nonnnus
    2016-01-26 08:43
    For me is unrealistic. If you see in this .pdf http://cdn-9.psndealer.com/e2/dealersite/images/heavymachinesinc/4592-4594.pdf you have the measures, and for example measure A in the pdf is: (A) Overall Length (Mast Vertical) 44'- 1" 13.43 m In the game is ~ 26 meters is the double. I don´t measure the height or the tires, but in the real videos the machine is a little more big as a truck, in the game is more big as a truck and the trailer.
  • Nonnnus
    2016-01-26 08:48
    RESEARCHB$YOUOPENYOURMOUTH maybe you need research how respect the others opinions.
  • Runforestrun
    2016-01-26 13:20
    @NONNNUShttp://cdn-9.psndealer.com/e2/dealersite/images/heavymachinesinc/4592-4594.pdfthats the small versions man, the 55** series are the big models i know cause i did a welding project at a mill and saw one running around, trust me the size is really close they are twice the size of the one in your link.
  • Anon
    2016-01-26 13:46
  • Cyrus
    2016-01-27 04:09
    Same as NONNNUS said, it is pretty much useless because od the fact you cant move it around due to its size, it is cool in all but doesn't have much use.
  • Srazazello
    2016-01-27 12:12
    same bull shit, like all fashion this author
  • Seth
    2016-01-31 12:26
    in the logging field myself. they use them at lumberyards the size is accurate they unload an entire trailer with one grab if not then 2
  • Jonathan
    2016-06-19 19:14
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