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Ringwoods Farm Map Update v1.1
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Ringwoods Farm Map Update v1.1

V1.1 No Errors. Multiplayer YES. PDA Map is updated.
New for V1.1
Vehicle Reset fixed, Vehicles will appear on the main farm in front of the 3 large storage sheds.
Texture warning fixed for the playslide set.
Floating rocks, trees and shrubs fixed at various locations.
Map Icons are now fixed and in the right places.

Huge new western full boundary forestry trail which joins onto the full southern trail, the new area is also designed so that Semi forestry trucks and logging trailers can access the woods but loading can be tight although there is a clearing about half way in..

New Saw mill and sell trigger in field 19 forestry. Brand new Northwestern Saw mill and Biomass center at the top of the hill with trail access. New farm silo's at each farm.
Grain elevator from map 1 retextured and used at the rail yard sell point. 100's of new trees preplanted. Tree clip distance adjusted for performance, LOD remains the same at the moment.

Use the Scorpion on the Southeastern trail as I'm not opening it out for Semi's as I love off roading there in the pickup.

Hi guy's I was asked if I would share our map which was originally based on the Westbridge Map02 from the game. I was reluctant as the map although looks stunning had many issues. So I've spent the last 5 weeks rebuilding it from a new base map and the result is all the problems are gone and the map is better. The map was created to look and function better than the original Westbridge map, that is all don't expect a state of the art mod map with all the bells and whistles.

 There are 3 farms, 1 small forestry area and one huge which is entered from field 19. The whole map boundary was moved back for this area and it's my favourite part of the map. The trail is large and great fun to drive with the modded pickup truck. Night lighting is applied to the baseball field, main farm and the Biomass plant. Waterfall and lake extension at the town park. 1000's of trees with custom textures have been planted around the map and the fir and spruce look superb due to a photoshop tweak.  A good selection of starting equipment will get you farming straight away(see photo's. The Garden center has been move to the center of the map behind the equipment store. There's more you'll just have to look.

 All of the fields have been changed in one form or another mainly they are to be worked a certain way  with the larger field ends indicating this.

1 issue is cosmetic on the farms that are lit at night the tracks seem to glow.

This map was designed for our computer systems which are only middle of the road spec wise with Nvidia 680 cards. I CAN NOT promise that this map will function as intended on your system. File size is 202mb zip. Thanks Stevie.

Original By Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

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    2015-02-26 10:58
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    Thankyou Stevie for update and fix's.Been playing first one and i am loving it.great work.
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    2015-02-26 14:31
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    Ok buddy if you spot anything else give me a shout. Stevie.
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    2015-02-26 17:23
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    You two should just get a room already.. lol
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    2015-02-26 17:28
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    Reads comment above , Yawns and drinks more beer.
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