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Hay Wire Ranch PUBLIC
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Hay Wire Ranch PUBLIC

By Payne Modding

Welcome to my map Hay Wire Ranch

Payne Modding

  • Payne modding
    2016-03-09 00:57
    I am truly saddened this map was uploaded on another site, the credits are slightly correct. I mean, I upload it to my facebook page, and well, I expect it to stay there when I say "Do not upload this to another website or your eyes will not see the day light of V2. If it is to stay here, add Lindbejb modding to the credits for a majority of the models.
  • Mike
    2016-03-09 01:13
    They simply need to remove the option of a blank field to type your name in. It should be required to upload a mod you have to link it to your facebook account. I can guarantee if they did that and the modders found out who those people were the community as a whole wouold be a lot better, wouldn't have to worry about it in the future just ban them from the groups that release mods and every time someone posts a mod that wasn't supposed to be released remove and ban then.
  • Jim


    2016-03-09 02:45
    I hope everyone in facebook groups goes into the pinned post of every group and upload them mods here. One stop shop right here. Facebook is a joke in the FS world.
  • John cena
    2016-03-09 04:22
    hey jim AMERICANS made this game better !
  • Gord
    2016-03-09 05:19
    Jim, "Game wasn't made for you!!!??????? Are you kidding? It comes with an American map for Goodness Sake! I'm an English Canadian and I bought this game off the shelf so don't claim ownership of this game because GIANTS SOFTWARE will take anyone's money. I don't like the private mods but I praise the American Modders because the world doesn't revolve around the EU........
  • Jim


    2016-03-09 05:43
    You Americans are a Joke.....And I mean a JOKE. Just read the comments on these mods in this webpage. Pretty self explanatory to me....HAHA HAHA HAHA
  • Payne modding
    2016-03-09 05:57
    Jim, because my message is long, it won't let me post it, I'm sure your curiosity will find its way to my facebook page with a special note for you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night or morning whatever it is in your time zone. Thanks!
  • Great
    2016-03-09 17:10
    great another windchaser edit, and to the freak above^^^^^^^^ never go fuill retard
  • Gord
    2016-03-10 00:12
    Jim.. You are just as if not more childish than any post on here. Geography excluded. I feel sorry for you.
  • Payne modding
    2016-03-10 01:11
    This map is not an edit of Windchaser, it is completely built from scratch, some models are used from Windchaser, download and look around before you go around ranting. This is truly sad...
  • George
    2016-03-10 02:14
    Hey....Someone help a brother out here. My penis is stuck. I cant move right now. Its in the computer desk with a damn splinter in it. Thanks
  • Jim


    2016-03-10 02:23
    https://www.facebook.com/jordan.devault.73?fref=ufi&pnref=story. You can keep your map sir. We don't need it. Theres 100 of maps all ready out. 90% are junk and probably yours too. So do us a favor and keep it to yourself. Thanks
  • Paul
    2016-03-10 04:34
    with all due respect you need to lower your expectations of ppl on the internet. you expect them to behave the same way people in your REAL life do, and well yeah that's not going to happen. and then when they ultimately do disappoint you, you take it out on the reasonable people by saying stuff like "v 2 wont see the light of day..." stop threatening us with your crap because some pimply faced kids 5,000 miles away from you acted like a little kid that they are!!!
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