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Ford f250 v1
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Ford f250 v1

this is a car i (Stig-Rune) has edite

Stig-Rune Bakke

  • Joshua
    2015-08-11 12:06
    when I bought it in game it crashed my game I tried to re download it but it crashed after that aswell
  • John
    2015-08-14 08:48
    full of errors
  • Anderson rezende
    2015-08-26 15:02
    Version without modifications and with centerOfMass fixed:https://mega.nz/#!vsYRGDLA!0EAtAt7-WStUiGpHtWL-GDfGuqlXOqGKc1SkkYxm1VA
  • Wyatt
    2015-08-30 20:26
    I wish you guys would stop releasing other peoples mods with out their permissions.. This is one of the reasons why many of the Good modders stopped releasing stuff.. This is just my opinon
  • Farming simulator 2015
    2016-02-09 03:04
    Can someone please change this tuck to all black
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