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Ursus C-330 v1.0
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Ursus C-330 v1.0

- Washable, d
- Dynamic exhaust fumes,
- Turn signals, brake lights,
- A working speedometer,
- Fixed texture,
- Removed gloss,
- Fixed some errors in the LOG - about sounds and textures,
- Added new sounds,
- Traces of tires,
- No errors in the LOG,

I did not add the module orcas, because a lot of people have written that it interferes with the modem real terrain.
Also, at their request I did not add on. Mod havebeen preserved only for me but a lot of people have asked about it in text messages.
I have this mod for some time, so I decided to meet the request of some users.

- Price: 8000
- Maintenance: 55
- Power: 30
- Fuel tank: 93 l

Yours Siida and all other users!
Have a nice game!

Map of the picture is a Czech Valley
! Keep original link!
! If you want to edit ask for permission SiiD'a!
! The downloaded copy the mod to the folder mods!

Modell: Matinho, SiiD, Matt26
Textur: M&V Team, SiiD, Matinho
Script: SiiD, Heiko, M&V Team
Idee / Konzept: SiiD, Matt26

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