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86 Ford B250 v1.0
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86 Ford B250 v1.0

Hello!! Coal Rollin Modding here! Today we had a memebr make us a spectacular mod that is based off a truck my father had in real life and loved dearly. This truck will have 3 or 4 more versions to come of it with different things that were done. Please comment for permissions to release an edit or release on another page. Thank You!

Coal Rollin Modding David Burks

  • Iplay
    2016-08-12 03:38
    i want this modded removed or replaced with a better mod. i like the bedless concept but it looks downright stupid also if you going to steal and claim my mod as your on try to cover up your tracks and not make it obisouvs you made it from another mod
  • Ash1223
    2016-08-14 05:09
    yeah..so we borrowed a cab from you and didnt know who the original owner was of the mod to give credits. I'm sorry you dont like that we borrowed your cab and you hate the truck it ain't my fault because the next version wont have the cab in the picture nor the tires nor the long bed because we are making a cab that is from the actual truck in real life to go onto it,
  • Ash1223
    2016-08-14 05:10
    if you dont like what we borrowed your cab for then just leave and leave it be say hey its my cab could you give credits and then we will give credits and our day will be over. we do not have to make a huge deal over this!
  • Timberwolf
    2017-05-07 21:43
    I am looking forward to more versions of this truck. Have you thought about a white 66 F300 stakebed? My grandfather had one of them that I used to ride in to go fishing or chopping trees with him.just sayin'
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