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Krone Partywagen v0.1
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Krone Partywagen v0.1

I want you because party pendant in LS13 to gamble provide disposal
This is just a fun mod
He once new moddesc get new fahrzeugxml and kicked everything a fun mod nit needs
Mfg Philipp Deutz

Modell: Casi
Textur: Casi
Script: /
Idee / Konzept: Casi
Sonstige: Ich habe ihn in ls15 gebracht und alles rausgeschmiessen was er nicht brauch und alle xml neu geschrieben

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  • @josh is gay
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    yeah i and we the community have heard what happen..this guy is a joke lien to other people..everyone hates this person...yes he has a website with a bunch of stolen mods he clams he built...
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