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Outcast edit (winchaser) v1
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Outcast edit (winchaser) v1

Welcome to Outcast Farms! It is a small crop farm operation located in the beautiful region of your imagination. It is currently Fall so enjoy the maples leaves as they turn their beautiful colors and the cool crisp air on your skin. It is harvest time in this little town!

You have a small fleet capable of farming 400 acres comfortably. Enjoy pulling the grain carts to unload at the bins on the retained grain bin staging. Feed the Horses and replenish the lime and fertilizer in the horse barn. Soybeans and corn are in big demand at the country coop near the train station for export at the Sand Bar River.

Enjoy the challenging dynamics of soil management and building the orangic nutirent index in your soil. It will take more than just a quick spray of fertilizer, but mulitple hours plowing in stubble and lime establish a respectable yield. Purchase the larger grain complex and equipment shed as you expand your farming operations. Enjoy and have fun!

farmer pimpampet

  • Shit
    2016-12-30 22:25
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    nice copy and paste, Ill save you all some time, its shit
  • Lindjeb modding
    2016-12-31 00:17
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    Remove it. This is my work.
  • Lol^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    2016-12-31 00:19
    0 0
    lol like joe would ever come on here hahahahahahahhaha, he has his own finished version anyways
  • Aaron
    2016-12-31 14:37
    0 0
    Winchaser is the best map of fs15 and all can go feck yourselves
  • J


    2016-12-31 18:20
    0 0
    this is a wonderfull map and it is the best map ive ever played on
  • Butthurts
    2017-01-02 17:50
    0 0
    All of you that hate on Joe are a buncha butthurt little children that were expecting mod releases and told no. You cant even take the time to learn modding yourselves. Buncha scums.
  • Reb1
    2017-01-05 15:58
    0 0
    Nice map. Still exploring it but so far I like it.
  • Dan


    2017-01-09 00:04
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    it is impossible to plant
  • Skymdk
    2017-01-12 07:44
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    The problem with the traffic of cars on the map, which vehicles are stuck in each other when you arrive in crossing, should put modfruit because it has error with soy, alias would help you recommend the mods necessary to harvest the new soybean type crops etc , So much more people would be content.
  • Skymdk
    2017-01-12 07:48
    0 0
    The map seems great for the size and performance in the gameplay, but it does not have any finishing on some points of the map, decorate so avoid looking at empty horizon. I'll test it but from what I've been looking at it only promises this map a lot if it is well worked.
  • Map objects
    2017-01-15 00:02
    0 0
    Only thing good about this map are objects to put in mine, maybe about one or two lol! Map is crap, Joe is crap, your crap, all who download this are idiots, your map is crap and full of errors.
  • Skymdk
    2017-01-20 16:28
    0 0
    I only wasted my time looking at this map, so bad that it gave the pain in the eyes, sincerely delete it fast because it is a bad crap, I told you about this map ... I went.
  • Jake32
    2017-03-30 04:28
    0 0
    Lol the joys of idiotic people who repost just to wind everyone up shall we get the popcorn and watch the comments flood in , I THINK NOT
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