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Firemen rear Ensted V0.1 beta
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Firemen rear Ensted V0.1 beta

Firemen Heckenstedt
Hi Guys,
here I present you my firefighters Map available. She is still quite not and does not exist yet so many details. It is based on the standard Map Westbridge Hills. It is a beta version! More versions will follow.
The file must after downloading unpack, because I packed you have the right MapDoorTrigger here. Even if you will it to her yet replace appears when inserted into the modfolder the need you already have this mod, because it is only this version of MapDoorTrigger and no other. to the gates to open at the fire station you have to go to the front door, this Öfnnen and then open the doors from the inside.
Once again I want ausdücklich then that this is a beta version and another episode Will!
Mfg. Firefighter cogre
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Firefighter Cogre

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