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Volvo FH16 v1.0
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Volvo FH16 v1.0

- Volvo fh 16 version 1
- benalu trailer
- seed trailer

Authors: linkolaci , Lantmannen FS, NAFEM, Anpaes.


  • Dc-david
    2016-09-25 16:16
    I really like this pack, but I am having trouble with the in-cab cam being set too. I cannot see down the road while driving inside. Anyone else experiencing this or do I apparently have a camera mod messing with the camera angle? Thanks.
  • Alienware
    2016-09-26 09:21
    I had the same problem. Yes Internal camera is wrong. I changed it to correct itself. There is another problem. It is not possible to load silage (FH16).
  • Dc-david
    2016-09-26 14:24
    Ok thanks, I appreciate your answer. If you don't mind, how did you change the camera? I have another mod I downloaded where the camera seems messed up as well. I might try to tinker with it if I knew how. :)
  • Alienware
    2016-09-27 10:26
    You can change it in Giants Editor. It is difficult to explain.
  • Dc-david
    2016-09-27 12:45
    Ok, thanks anyhow. I just won't worry about it then.
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