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Manitou MLT 840 v1.0
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Manitou MLT 840 v1.0

Converting from LS 17 to LS15 :)

Mod Has:
- Mobile Joystick
- change of twisted wheels
- Is going up revolutions when lifting and lowering the boom
- Lights lighting
- Handy clocks instructions (Speed and fuel condition)
- Washable

- Every edition!
- A change of link on all types of payments!
- How to add to the different modpack!
- If you take on forums or other sites, copy all tre? post.

I wish? nice game

Model: Giants, Alan207. FS Mods
Idea / Concept:
Testy i pomoc: Turbo Mods

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    2017-09-03 17:10
    Its Giants so we can take it change do whatever and repost and you cant say or do anything about it as it wasnt yours too start with
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