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GMC Grain Truck v1.0
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GMC Grain Truck v1.0

wheat rape maize barley chaff woodChips potato sugarBeet silage manure grass windrow wheat windro
Power: 250kw
Price: 20000
80's GMC Dump Truck created by Winston9587


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    2016-05-13 10:37 Send message
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    Winston9587 mods are not that hard to unlock its pretty easy..well any mod that is locked is easy to unlock
  • Winston9587
    2016-05-13 20:32 Send message
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    just to let you know i am not locking my mods anymore i dont care what eric does i am not going to let it bother me anymore i let this shit go month's ago why cant he do the same. if we keep this shit up we wont have any moders left. the few good moders we have left should help each other not fight.
  • @winston9587
    2016-05-13 20:46 Send message
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    WINSTON9587 did u get some pecker last night or a few weeks ago thats the first i have seen something like this from you..did your boy friend joe Lindbejb give u what u wanted
  • @wannabe modders
    2016-05-13 22:53 Send message
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    does Winston9587 and carolinaboy shoot skittles out of their ass ..taste the rainbow HAhahah
  • Farmerjordan
    2016-05-14 05:44 Send message
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    Nice that's the best you could come back. I bet your parents are proud of you
  • Taurnota
    2016-05-14 16:17 Send message
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    all I can say to all of this is that I have had this mod for a while its a very good mod....but I got it from youtube with a download link for everyone to have...so I don't call that a locked mod when people could download it already...but just in my opinion winstons mods are 50 times better mods than what comes out of fuctd modding..just my opinion.
  • Noooooo
    2016-05-15 21:05 Send message
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    Oh no please say it isn't so!! The fanboys are all upset again..Quick someone get them some herbal tea and for the love of God find them a few motivational CD's while they are in their "safe place"
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