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All 6 versions 2017 Ford F450 Dually v1.0
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All 6 versions 2017 Ford F450 Dually v1.0

Enjoy all 6 versions of this 2017 Ford F450 Dually pickup that a certain modder made and has been not sharing. He and his group should check who is in their group and who they kick out. Plus pulling a stunt of posting another groups mod Ford on Modhub. Plus these Fords arn't that great, 55 errors online, and the lights are messed up, plus the wrong rims on 5 of them, he used a single wheel rim from the King Ranch. only one has actual Dually rims.
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  • Punisher
    2016-03-11 13:23
    Hey Faggot, they have errors as they where NOT complete, they where Private WIP. You truly are a dumb shit.
  • Thomas fick
    2016-03-11 13:57
    You sir (Modbandit) are whats wrong with this community. Releasing mods when you didn't have permission to do so. Complaining when a mod isn't right when it was still a WIP. You are a coward, because you have to hide behind a screen name. Be a man and post your actual name. But, I know you won't, because you are afraid. I would have loved to see a completed error free version of this truck. Good job coward! I dare you to reveal yourself and NOT hide behind a fictitious screen name.
  • Guest
    2016-03-11 15:23
    Awwhhhhh, little Mack is mad. Grow the fuck up already!
  • Fuctd modding
    2016-03-11 17:32
    now this is hilarious! this mod was never Rory Kains.. yes he had a model that was it.. i sent this truck to kevin after he left my group and then they started releasing this truck as there own.. it is definitely the CAT i made.. i just downloaded it to see and its fucking hilarious that its my truck with the yellow added where black was.. so anyone that wants to talk shit about who posted this truck, make sure your facts are 100%..
  • Fuctd modding
    2016-03-11 17:34
    i have 12 versions from when i was making this truck but i was told i stole this truck! WANNA COMPARE? Rory james Kain is a lame ass faggot that will lie his way through the community just to get someone to like him and guess what? ya'll are his peons' and fucking idiots as well!!
  • Fuctd modding
    2016-03-11 18:55
    Kevin your a fucking racist ass fat faggot.. i never said the ford.. i posted this on the wrong truck.. your a fucking ignorant fat bastard.. yall keep telling all your lies to make your retarded ass look better.. the only reason rory is even got a name is because of me.. and sorry i have an attractive woman never had a chance to fuck animals like u..
  • @ fuct'd modding
    2016-03-11 19:09
    Fuct'D, really your the goat humper here, go suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch!!
  • Jesus
    2016-03-12 00:37
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  • Guest
    2016-03-12 01:10
    Wow, I came home from Dumb ass daycare aka work, and stepped into a kindergarten classroom, with people who think they are the shit yet act like a spoiled 2 year old, how about all y'all knock it the hell off and move on? Is a mod getting released with or without permission going to end your life? No? Well, will it end the world? No to that as well? GROW THE HELL UP!
  • Punisher aka peyton manning
    2016-03-12 04:05
    HAHA, whats wrong Peyton "Punisher" AKA Offspring Gaming. cry baby, were you working on releasing these on your sorry ass mod group channel, Go back to your drug dealing and leave mod making to the Pros
  • Who cares
    2016-03-12 05:18
    i dont get why you guys are getting mad over such shitty mods. I mean you guys buy models and turn them to shit... lol, who cares. Maybe model something nice for once like other legit modders.. At least they get respect for their mods they make even though they are still private. come on guys... stop being lazy and retarded
  • Rory james kain
    2016-03-12 19:19
    , so you run and hide like the fucking coward you are. then hide behind your group being a internet gangster and talking shoit about some one who cant defend them selves, because you have them blocked. your a fucking coward, piece of shit, and the scum of this community. yes the trucks are the same truck,
  • Rory james kain
    2016-03-12 19:20
    they came from the same model jack ass. get over it. your not what you claim to be, your a shitty editor, not a modder. now grow the fuck up and go get a job, raise your kids and quit living off your wife. fucking loser
  • Kevin enfinger
    2016-03-12 19:24
    Yeah eric get a fucking job. stop fucking goats and take care of your whore wife and bastard kids so my fucking tax dollars arent doing it for you.
  • Og


    2016-03-18 00:37
    Lol I have a strong feeling that monty posted that about me
  • Schnur gaming
    2016-03-26 16:10
    The file is not correct either it does not show up in the game! And posting private mods!
  • Lol


    2016-04-06 04:38
    All you modders are worthless losers... think we care where the mod comes from or who has proper credits... nope we just like downloading free mods no matter where it comes from. Modders are a dime a dozen and all alike. just non stop arguing and comparing the size of their prick. HAHA keep on making mods and we will leak them and get them anyways you're all cogs in our free mod machine LOL
  • Kyfarmer
    2016-05-14 05:32
    damn everyone of you guys got to grow the fuck up, who the hell cares who made what, they were put out for people to enjoy not for people to bash each other over. once they are put ingame they all become a property of Giants Software
  • Kyfarmer
    2016-05-14 05:36
    and as for fuct and kori I've used these trucks, plus a lot of yours too fuct guess what, they all sucked, so shut the fuck up stop your fucking crying and grow a fucking pair of fucking balls jackasses
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-06 22:47
    KYFARMNG, IS A TROLL< Dont Mind his little thoughts and penis.Dude, I have been following your comments you post on EVERYONES MODS. YET you have none posted? WHAT A FUCKING SORE IN OUR SOCIETY! YOu never say anything nice, negative little bitch!
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