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International CTX v1
1 5 1 2013

International CTX v1

Hey Guys here is a truck that i have been waiting for for a super long time
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Black Widow Modding

  • ?????????
    2016-02-15 18:16
    Why should someone have to join a site just to get a mod??, sounds like something Zorlac does with his mods.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-18 01:12
    nice truck for FS15 overall, it needs more interior/exterior detail though as well as a gooseneck ball in the bed for GN trailers & washable & dyeable ( paintable when buying it) & no logos on the doors, but a great start, the top speed & handling for this big of a truck are pretty good though, I was amazed @ how well it handles on the roads in FS15.
  • Blackwidow
    2016-02-20 07:01
    hey Thanks a million ZZZZZ
  • Valley
    2016-02-20 18:52
    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blackwidow
    2016-02-24 02:43
    thanks valley
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