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Belgique Profonde v2
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Belgique Profonde v2

Welcome to the map Belgium Deep, you are now in a map representing a small part of the fictional Belgian Ardennes you are the owner of a farm in the small village of Michamps. This map contains between your other farm, you can also ETA developed several outlets for your cereal, fruit of the earth, eggs, dairy and other animals. A purchasing your future earth system is available at point of sale Century21 and your horse can beings sold for slaughter.

You must make the decision between major equipment for proper performance or most basic equipment for a better maneuverability in small streets and narrow fields of this region. That the team wanted to do before all is you reproduce a small part of the area that I am very fond of (the province of Belgian Luxembourg) with maximum detail while remaining playable.

Immerse yourself in the world of agriculture Ardennes, we wish you much fun and pleasure with this version 2 of the map Belgium Deep. The LS team FraBel Modding.

Original BP : Luxfarm
VERSION LS 15 : Team FraBel LS-Modding
Watermod + GuelleMistMod : Marhu

  • Texass22
    2016-04-01 20:19
    Super mais il n'y a pas de trafic
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