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Rubber Duck MACK v1
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Rubber Duck MACK v1

Model: 1977 Mack RS786LST
Engine: 283 hp Mack ETAY676 "Tip Turbine" Turbo inline 6-cylinder diesel
Transmission: Fuller Roadranger RT9510 10 speed
Wheelbase: 220 "center of the front axle to mid tandem
Sleeper: 60 "stand-up sleeper of Able Body Company
Wheels: "Budd" style 10R22 tube black painted steel w / 4 hand holes
Brakes: drum brakes with compressed air cylinder
Total weight: about 11 t
have fun with it a thank you would be very happy


  • Caseihman38
    2015-09-07 20:28 Send message
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    Fix the paint and give it the correct wheels that the Mack ran, and you would have a decent truck...
  • Kp


    2015-10-03 02:08 Send message
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    Can you please fix the fuel? It runs out too quickly!
  • Farmer
    2016-01-14 18:47 Send message
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    had trouble climbing the hill with the equipment trailer with equipment on it
  • Iammods
    2016-05-25 07:59 Send message
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    For some reason it wont let me download the v1.1 vesion anyone with the same problem
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