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48Ft Dakota Spread Axle v2.0
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48Ft Dakota Spread Axle v2.0

48ft Dakota Spread Axle Grain Trailer

Author: Catfish


  • Jake32
    2016-09-01 21:34
    Great work John
  • Khaos82
    2016-09-02 09:25
    Nice Mod. What truck is that your using?
  • Cummins powered
    2016-09-02 18:17
    khaos its a private truck but leaked versions are out there.
  • Surprised
    2016-09-03 04:56
    Wow a civilized Modhub conversation I think that's a first.
  • Jeff
    2016-09-05 06:36
    I know, right! Love the trailer! A nice triple axle Cornhusker would be nice to see to.
  • Jdginger
    2016-09-09 16:19
    whats the capacity?
  • Lboyette
    2016-10-07 01:11
    I have v1 of this trailer and love it! What's new with v2? There is no list of changes or bug fixes in the description. Thanks for all your work... I appreciate it :)
  • Eagle355th
    2017-05-12 08:10
    Wow! that's a big trailer Thanks a lot CATFISH
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