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Westbridge Hills v1.0
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Westbridge Hills v1.0

Westbridge Hills v1.0
What is it?

A little help for those who do not want only tend to consider each field but want to get started right away with the harvest.

All others should be said: If you do not need it then just leave it, you do not have to download it and not hernehmen.

Here the fruit cultivation for Westbridge Hills is already done done, you can save yourself tend to consider 3 hours. I have chosen in a mixed cultivation sequence that should reasonably make sense.

Here the Feldansaat (sowing and field number):
Potato: 1, 2
Sugar beet: 4, 5, 6
Rapeseed: 3, 7, 8, 9
Barley: 10, 11, 12, 17
Wheat: 16, 18, ??19, 20, 21
Corn: 13, 14, 15

All fields are fertilized, the stage of development is still in its infancy, except section 16, which is already ripe for harvesting.

It's simple: unzip the two files in the zip file and in a (previously) newly created or existing savegame (Map: West Hills Bridge) in copy (back up existing files before overwriting).

Savegames are in the user directory (eg C: \ Users \ Name \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ savegame1).

There's no: Anyone can use this template, change to relist how he whim.


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