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MAN Dispensary V1
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MAN Dispensary V1

This is Essentailly the same as my earlier Branter DPW18000 trailer mod, this time I have mounted it on a body and placed it on the back of a vehicle so to give the choice between a trailer or a stand alone vehicle, credits for the trailer go to these:

Model: 3xitus - Branter DPW18000
Textures: 3xitus, BlackJack - Branter DPW18000
Ingame: Mofi - Branter DPW18000
Tuning: MadMax (FS13) - Branter DPW18000
MAN TGS18440: Neutrix

I have added seed pallets and fertilzer pallets and fuel pallets with the resptive triggers for each item, I have also added the Kaercher pressure washer but have not got that operational yet.

Everything seems to work fine and has filled my seeders and fertilizers and all vehicles with fuel with no glitches.

Modell: 3xitus
Textur: 3xitus, BlackJack
Ingame: Mofi
Tuning: MadMax (FS13)
Dispensary: Fliptop72

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    For some odd reason this doesn't seem to drive after exiting game and restarting so I think it is broken so will take it back to the drawing board....
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