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5 trailers V1
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5 trailers V1

5 paint jobs for the agroliner tipper 3 AB Texel trailers 1 Massey ferguson 1 New Holland all 5 are seperate so keep 1 or all as you wish only 2mb per trailer. They have a rear hitch / clutch

Paint jobs by Hobgoblin. These trailers were originally from the CAT pack so full credit to the makers of that I just did a reskin

  • Oooo
    2015-11-08 00:03
    nice trailers but needs a better skin put something out there like cat case ih or john deer etc or maybe even carhartt
  • Hobgoblin
    2015-11-08 00:33
    These were done for friends and shared for those who want them. Everyone does JD stuff so I decided to do something different. AB Texel is the company I work for.
  • Csimater
    2015-11-10 04:23
    Awsome Hobb . :)
  • Blacky
    2016-03-03 06:22
    awesome trailer mods
  • Blacky
    2016-03-18 16:42
    the only problem is you can't double trailer it first trailer doesn't have a hook up ball for the dolly
  • Hobgoblin
    2016-05-02 05:37
    There are 2 types of trailer hitch Blacky This can definitely have these as double trailers. I have them hooked to a Siga Duo. The Cat dolly works too.
  • Hobgoblin
    2016-05-02 05:38
    You can*
  • Blacky
    2016-05-06 07:00
    oh ok
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