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Czech Map v2.0
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Czech Map v2.0

You are * Czech * on the map where only to providing you with extensive landscape with 28 field together with meadows, not only do you take care of their fields, animals, but also there is a forest where you cut the trees. So everyone gets at his expense.
Not only that, the area has increased maps also added a new purchase of a so-called. Work out where you can see the old ride in a position to be (Šukafon)
It is also more difficult terrain, narrow and muddy trails, but also muddy field.
The card has on agricultural whole time you hear a lot of sounds in terms of something as it flows mock or reversing some ground. Vehicle and the village is a beautiful village odhova? Ka hear.

Coufy and others

  • Okonel
    2015-01-04 19:41
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    Doesn't work....... :(
  • Guest
    2015-01-04 20:22
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    Where the initial technique
  • Guest
    2015-01-04 20:37
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    Where the initial techniquemap class ... only not original equipment and extra notations on the minimap
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