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3 Pack of Placeable Barns v1.0
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3 Pack of Placeable Barns v1.0

I have a 3 Pack of Placeable Barns. Placeable PigMast and BeefMast Red,Placeable PigMast and BeefMast Green
and a Placeable American Style Barn Red.I gave them a different look.
The price of each is $20,000.00. To make it easier for others to Purchase and enjoy the game.
There is other stuff included I did not make. 
I have no problems useing Them. HAVE Fun Enjoy!
If you do not like the mod after checking it out
then just delete it out of your mods folder.
Unpack open the mods zip folder then copy all into your mods folder.
C:\Users\.\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods.Have fun!!!
Credits: Ls-2013Modding JohnDeere1952 Edit By Eagle355th

Credits: Ls-2013Modding JohnDeere1952 Edit By Eagle355th

  • Nick
    2015-11-19 12:51
    this Placeable PigMast and BeefMast don't work crashes my maps
  • Eagle355th
    2015-11-19 18:23
    you have the new Patch 1.4?
  • Nick
    2015-11-19 20:41
    yes i do
  • Eagle355th
    2015-11-19 23:24
    Maybe use just the red barn and the red beef and pig building not the other mods included in the package. I'm sorry it crashed your game. I have 15 gig bites of mods which is a lot. Sometimes other mods mess up the game when mixed in. Let me know if it works? I hope it will work for you. Later Salute!
  • Nick
    2015-11-20 07:54
    thats what i used just the pig and beef but still crashed my map and i can't get it back now
  • Eagle355th
    2015-11-20 08:03
    Maybe make a back up of the C:\Users\.\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods all of the folder Then reinstall the game. I don't know of anyone else having that problem. I'm sorry it messed up your game. I use it in different maps I have no problem with any of them. That's why I uploaded them for others to use. I hope you get it fixed.Later Salute!
  • Zzzzz
    2016-11-15 04:28
    all work great for me, i got this just for the beef/pig barns just wondering how long does it take (in game days) for animals to mature to sell them, i feed/water them enough for 6 days like it says but they don't seem to mature & id like to have mature animals to haul in livestock trailers to test out the trailers i have.
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