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American farms v4.5
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American farms v4.5

big fields with lots to do

Author: josh dunn

josh dunn

  • @joshua dunn
    2016-07-23 10:48
    really josh have fun in prison cause now we can go after your ass for posting someone address on the web. have fun in prison. and oh by the way people josh lives in arcane new york and lives on goverment walfare..
  • Hey


    2016-07-24 08:09
    did y'all know josh dunn lives off the government he all so has been using the government money that he has been defrauding to pay for his website thats 500 a month..he has been stealing mods from other people in his privet msgs on his website and claiming that he build them...
  • Soo..umm..
    2016-07-25 00:21
    once you harvest your POATOES, CARROTS, SUGARBEETS(root-fruits).... where and how do you RETREIVE them??!! you may store them in their respective silo... but there is no method for which to load your product back into a transport for sale. what good is it to harvest... if you cannot RELOAD it once you've dropped it off at the silo?
  • Jdunn1019
    2016-07-25 07:55
    @soo umm Right in the storage at the farm its at the 4 corner where the flag are there 2 building
  • @everyone
    2016-07-25 08:31
    why do u want to play on josh dunn map for when its a stolen map that he clams he built from the ground up..all he does is talk shit in his stream and when u go confront him he turns the other way like a [email protected]$% that he is
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