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ZIL-130 v1.0
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ZIL-130 v1.0

ZIL-130 v1.0 for Farming Simulator 15 game Good governance, a working instrument panels, working mirrors, dust and marks from the wheels, dirty, animation of working bodies, working and turning alarms, removable body type.:

For transportation of wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, bales, wood, bags etc,
For transportation of wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes and sugar beet.
For transportation of the silo and wood chips.
For filling with water, manure and fertilizers.

Manual lifting of the body - cells left mouse.
Open / close doors, hatches (inside) - Control IU
Open / Close the door, bonnet (outside) - Cl R.
Remove / Put the side (outside) - Cl R.

- Dust from the wheels
- Traces of wheels
- Dirt / washable
- Detailed model

36region, ANDREI1994

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