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Bunker silo v1.0
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Bunker silo v1.0

Bunker mobile with a tractor Capacity 1000000 liters requires a counter weight 3600 kg
Culture manure silage potato sugarbeet grass hay straw feed barley wheat corn chips canola

Use only original LINK

script Marhu

  • Name
    2014-11-29 22:06
    I used the biggest tractor available with the counter weight and still couldn't pick it up. Either the front went into the air or the back wheels went into the air.
  • Chuck
    2014-11-30 03:53
    It's a little touchy. I had about 100,000 l in it and bumped it with a trailer, and it started to jump a little and move around. I'm still liking it though.
  • Niccobellic
    2014-11-30 11:55
    i loaded it onto a low loader useing a tractor ....had some fun getting it to the biomass plant...just like being at work...top job fella
  • Big g
    2015-05-09 10:26
    loving it. It would be perfect if it could hold mixed rations also.
  • Zzzzz
    2015-11-24 01:32
    so where can one find the needed 3600kg weight to move this.
  • Cd


    2016-05-23 03:45
    Just put a second one on the front. Best way to move one.
  • Hhh


    2017-01-14 04:00
    is there gonna be a conversion to 2017 for this
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