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The Arches Map v1.3
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The Arches Map v1.3

Aches map is a small map only 12 fields
the land scape is quite hilly and is a multifruit map.
the name for the map comes from the viaducts which has  arches.
extra fruits are rye triticale oat dinkel sunflower millet carrots onions
livestock on the map are cows chickens sheep pigs and cattle.
bga with 2 big fields that surrounds it completly.
the cow shed has the mix feeder built in and the cows have water troth also.
the sheeps have water troth and wool pallet collector
includes fermenting silos on the farm and the bga and the bga has the compost master build in.

green houses next to the viaducts produce lettuce tomato cauliflower red-cabbage pumpkins pallets which get auto sold.
there are 2 bale masters one for straw bales and the other for grass bales with special built barns for each one.
sell points are the inn and the baywa , windmills and live stock market to buy your young pigs and cattle
warehouse to sell all the pallets. produce and other buildings are the saw mill with generator so you need Diesel,
production for pallet creation in two places also production for compost, carrot,onion,sunflower to pallets also to sell
production for cardboard which is needed for the carrot onion compost sunflower pallet creation.

note 1.3 is totaly different from the previous versions as the landscape has changed and it now as roads,dirt roads.
traffic and pedestrians so don`t use any old save game with this version.

Bonus **Marshall trailer to auto collect all the pallets and bales included at start** (built into map)

about the zip it contains other mods to get the map to run properly
map_arches.zip (this is the map)

i think i covered everything but if you find something that does not work right ....ask me to sort it out or run the map only with the mods from above?
hope you like my little map

pinguar scooby marhu

  • Vektraopel
    2016-08-16 15:52
    shit DL link
  • Papy
    2016-08-16 21:20
    Carte très propre,petite,bien pour moi pour jouer en solo,seul bémols manque lapins et oies,bravo au modeur .
  • Rick
    2016-08-16 21:21
  • Tractor23
    2016-08-18 11:09
    sa fais plusieur foi que j'essais de telecharger cette map et chaque fois parreille sa n'arrive pas au bout revoir le lien
  • Julien
    2016-08-18 22:18
    @TRACTOR23 ,vas a cette adresse http://gamesmods.net/farming-simulator-2015/fs15-maps/
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